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Complex Event Processing

David Luckham has developed a great site on Complex Event Processing. As companies get more serious about monitoring and improving complex business processes they will have to get much more serious about handling, processing and responding to complex sets of events. I believe this growth will lead to more use of both business rules engines and pattern-matching analytics such as neural networks and clustering techniques. Integrating these capabilities into an Enterprise Decision Management infrastructure would allow an enterprise to act effectively in response to the complex events with which it must deal.

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James, my experience with working with clients and CEP over the last couple years has led me to the same conclusion re: biz rules and pattern matching. While a CEP platform when implemented properly can result in that magical fusion of biz analysts and technology, many times CEP alone cannot answer all the questions. Usually this is because it is difficult if not impossible to identify every question in advance. What is then necessary is the ability to say "I dont know what I am looking for, but if something happens that is unusual and potentially relevent, then...". The ability of a platform to understand what is usual and unusual requires CEP - plus. The "Plus" is pattern intelligence.

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