Using Rules to Upgrade Legacy Systems and Meet Regulatory Needs

The latest round of federal and state regulations has put tremendous pressure on compliance departments. As companies scramble to put new systems and procedures in place, it is no surprise that legacy COBOL systems are especially difficult to bring into...

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Turning Insights into Actions

As an analytic scientist, I know how exciting it can be to unearth a novel, actionable insight with the potential to improve the business. And I also know how challenging it can be to persuade business leaders to recognize the...

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All in the family not yet at the table: Building Business Capability (BBC) conference missed the opportunity to bring together Analytics and Rules

While this year’s Business Rules Forum conference broadened its scope to a more comprehensive “business agility” focus (and formally added the Business Process Forum to the mix), it came up short by failing to properly integrate Analytics. Sure, the Predictive...

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The New Face of Uncertainty

-- Posted by Carole-Ann I have been quite busy in the past few weeks briefing industry analysts on the discipline of Decision Modeling and Optimization. We learn decision modeling at school of course but it seems quite under-exploited in the...

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CEP a Predictive Modeling facility? Myth!

-- Posted by Carole-Ann Despite my efforts to simplify the Decision Management picture, especially as it relates to CEP, BRMS and BPM, it seems that the CEP buzzword turned into an omnipotent ruler of the Decision Management world, at least...

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Predictive Analytics are hot!

-- Posted by Carole-Ann We just hosted an introductory webinar on Predictive Analytics and I was amazed at the turn out. BRMS practitioners are now getting interested in mass... They are engaging with FICO into education, discussions, etc. Why? I...

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Business Rules or Spaghetti?

-- Posted by Carole-Ann In the early days, we use to think about Business Rules as a great way to extract logic from the code. The vision of several nested if-then-else statements evoked the type of spaghetti code we all...

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Live from InterAct - preshow tutorials

-- Posted by Carole-Ann We flew into NY on Monday. After what seemed a long day of internal meetings and presentation rehearsals, we started the show in the afternoon with our tutorial. I was part of the "Operationalizing Analytics" track....

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Now introducing Decision Simulation

-- Posted by Carole-Ann Et voila! We are now delivering Decision Simulation to the BRMS world. What an exciting day! Let me give you some insight as to what that means in reality. Up to now, the industry has been...

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Will Data Drive Decision Improvement?

-- Posted by Carole-Ann In the past few weeks I have been briefing our internal teams, external customers and industry analysts on our Decision Improvement capabilities. One of the topics that was the most foreign to the BRMS addicts was...

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